What materials are in space?




   Any materials you can find here on earth you should be able to find in space because earth was created by all the same thing that all other space bodies were created by. The only biggest problem with finding some of these materials on earth is heavier minerals and metals move closer to the center of the earth because of gravity. On smaller bodies such asteroids the materials site closer to the surface because of lower gravity.

Below is a list of different material and some uses: ( This list is an active list that will be updated as we learn more about materials that are in space and the possible uses)


   - it is used to manufacture steel and also used in civil engineering like reinforced concrete, girders etc.


   - is a silvery-white metal that is used mainly to make stainless steel and other alloys stronger and better able to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.


   - The main use of iridium is as a hardening agent for platinum alloys. With osmium, it forms an alloy that is used for tipping pens, and compass bearings. Iridium is used in making crucibles and other equipment that is used at high temperatures. It is also used to make heavy-duty electrical contacts.


   - is used in catalytic converters for cars. It is also used in jewelry and some dental fillings and crowns.  


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