Time Line

Great things do not happen over night. Starting a new space company with ambitions of space exploration and astroid mine will definitely take a lot of time. Small steps turn into big step, thats why we've broken our plan to explore space into Phases. These Phase will definitely change as times goes on and we learn more about the things we are working to accomplish. Check back here monthly to see if we've update our timeline and to se were we are in our progress to explore the galaxy! 


Phase One 

In Phase One of our building of ASB we will be focus on bringing awareness to our brand, building an education platform to educate future people and employees of ASB, and producing products to start bringing in some income.

Phase Two

With in Phase two well will start projects and experiments that will get us closer to our main mission in space. These project will directly and indirectly be the building block of how we will mine and operate in space and on surfaces of other space bodies.

Phase two is where we will also start acquisitions of grants and investors.

Phase Three

Phase three is where thing really start heating up. This is the phase where we start picking our targets for mining.  We will explore the different ways of getting to targets and how to handle targets once we reach them.

Phase Four

Phase Four is the phase we begin launching in to space and mining astroids and other space bodies.